Membership Types and Cost


Corporate Membership: Corporate Members are suppliers, vendors and service providers who want to be part of NCTA as a member. In addition to the incredible networking opportunities, Corporate Members can enjoy all the benefits of membership, including but not limited too… Corporate Members may market to NCTA membership and will have the right to purchase advertising space on the NCTA website and NCTA Publications. Corporate Members will be posted to the membership directory and be eligible to participate in the NCTA Annual Convention as an attendee or as an exhibitor. Corporate Members are eligible to participate in all public functions and events offered by NCTA.
$1750 Annual Fee

Business Membership: Business Members are generally contractors or the head of a company that utilizes employees and sub-contractors to complete tasks. For example: A General Contactor, Roofing Contractor, Plumbing Company, Electrical Contractor, Landscape Company and so on. This membership does come with some additional privilege’s beyond networking and collaborating with your peers like Free listing on NCTA’s National Directory, Free use of Crew Finder and Free use of Pro50. Also are eligible to participate in benefits available to NCTA’s member as well as industry specific discounts from NCTA Vendor and Supplier Partners when available. 25% Discount for entry into the NCTA National Convention for group of 5 or less.
$599 Annual Fee

Associate Member: Associate Members can also be business owners. They are usually a sub-contractor or unlicensed contractor that generally performs smaller roles in the industry such as renovators or restorers. Property Investors, Financial Lenders, Property Brokers, Flooring Installers, Paint Crews or any trade crew in general would be considered an Associate Member. Associate Members are entitled to Free listing on NCTA’s National Directory, Free use of Crew Finder and Pro50. Associate Members are also eligible to participate in all benefits available to NCTA’s members as well as industry specific discounts from NCTA’s Vendor and Supplier Partners when available. 25% Discount for 1 entry into the NCTA National Convention.
$450 Annual Fee

Affiliate Member: An Affiliate Member is one who is generally in a support role in our industry. Some one who wants to belong and have opportunities to further their careers. Affiliate members will have the opportunity to attend all events offered by NCTA and enjoy all the benefits offered by our association. This membership provides you the opportunity to market yourself and your talents to others in the industry that could potentially help you further your career. Affiliate Members may participate in all benefits available through NCTA.
$399 Annual Fee

Student/Intern Member: Student Membership is a full membership to NCTA. Designed to open new opportunity for someone with some skills and training by allowing them to be in front of people that can give them work and more experience. They are also eligible to participate in any NCTA Mentoring Programs available in their area. Students / Interns will receive a 25% Discount off of the posted price of attendance to any NCTA Events. Student/Intern Members may utilize any benefits available through NCTA.
$99 Annual Fee

Crew Finder Participant: Crew Finder was developed for several different reasons. First and foremost to assist crews in finding additional opportunities of work but, to also create a standard in the way business is done at this level. It is important to the contractors as well as the end users to know who they are working with and what kind of product and service should be expected. Crew Finder will also create new avenues for crews by opening new opportunities so you don’t have to settle for working for a contractor that may not treat you fairly. Although you are not a member of NCTA we will allow you to participate in some of the education opportunities that will also help you further your career. We strongly suggest that you join as an Affiliate Member for all the additional benefits you would receive. This would allow you to meet in person additional providers of business. Your posting can be updated as you grow.
$199 Annual Fee (free to NCTA members)

NCTA Advantage Program – Employee Benefits Package: NCTA Members can now offer a Benefits Package to all their employees and even 1099 Sub-Contractors if you want to get them and keep them. The NCTA Advantage Program includes all the personal discounts and personal insurance opportunities that we have available… and all at a fraction of what it would cost you to provide them anything. This is an exclusive opportunity for NCTA Members. Employees are signed up directly through Encompass Benefits Management Corporation and only eligible through NCTA membership.
$129 Annual Fee / Per Employee



Make sure to take advantage of our Referral Program. Not only a good way to offset the cost of membership but, a great way to generate additional revenue.